Our mission statement


Our mission is to provide effective, easy-to-use documents and additional supporting materials to high-technology companies to ensure that the systems and devices they sell to their customers or end users will be expertly used, thus improving efficiency and business profitability.


Further, we set up, configure and manage documentation systems to preserve product knowledge base and company IP, starting from the earliest stage of development and continuing right up to deliverable manuals and training kits which support customers and users.


The documents we produce can be published and distributed to a wide range of platforms from desktop computers to smartphones, PDAs and other devices.

25 Years serving the Hi-Tech Industry


Technical Communication, founded in 1989, designs, develops and produces manuals, multi-language technical translations, on-line help, and interactive courseware for product training solutions as well as interactive electronic technical manuals. In addition, the company develops and markets off-the-shelf training courses and technical writing support


We author:

  • Custom courseware for employee and customer training
  • Technical manuals for computerized equipment and systems
  • User guides for software, hardware and systems
  • On-line documentation via hypertext and hyper image techniques
  • XML tagging services
  • Electronic catalogs on disks
  • Commercial presentations and preparation of proposals and bids


 The Team

Our team is composed of instructional designers, graphic designers, subject matter experts, technical writers and authoring specialists with over twenty years combined experience. Our team members command excellent ability to work with experts to create documents, presentations, training sessions and courseware lessons, modeling, optimizing, analyzing and visualizing business and process changes via simulation software.

 Why Choose Technical Communication

Documentation is a multipurpose procedure used to:

  • Preserve knowledge and IP
  • Convey information to the user
  • Respond quickly to client requests for changes
  • Help to obtain regulatory clearance
  • Choose Technical Communication for your documentation
  • needs because we:
  • Reduce cost with intelligent management of writing projects.
  • Transform complex information into comprehensible procedures.
  • Adapt timelines to meet deadlines.
  • With Technical Communication you get:
  • A write-once-publish-many approach to ensure portability of documents and to address multiple audiences.
  • Long-term maintenance strategies for increased document lifespan.
  • A one-stop shop for documentation and training projects.