White papers


Winning presentation

The purpose of each presentation is to convince viewers to take action for the benefit of the organization or the presenter. 



The objective of technical writing


The objective of technical writing is to transfer knowhow from the vender to the customer and the user.

In general this is done either by textual information like quick guides, user guides or technical manuals or via training sessions

Product documentation for brand differentiation​

Product documentation assists venders to step out of the crowd.   Product documentation improves customer self service and post sale satisfaction to drive more sales and success.​


Buy versus build


From time to time, every manager must decide between in-house and outsourced development. There is a strong temptation to go for the in-house solution, using resources already budgeted rather than incurring the additional costs of outsourcing. However, this tendency should be counterbalanced by other considerations.

Visualize textual Information

Creative approach to enhance your manuals and presentations.


The human perceptual system is highly attuned to images, and visual representations can communicate some kinds of information more rapidly and effectively than text.




כתיבה טכנית

Technical writing




Product training






Product training

Technical writing