The list of clients is provided below.

Job type: user guide maintenance guide training kit

Product: Hovering platform

Sector: Aeronautics

Client: Sky sapience

Job type: Training kits IPB

Product: AOI systems

Sector: Robotics

Client: Orbotech

Job type: user guide maintenance guide

Product: Computerized fertilization control programs

Sector: Fertigation and Irrigation systems

Client: Gavish Control systems

Job type: Technical Manual

Product: Wireless IP Access

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Vyyo

Job type: Technical Manual Quick Guide

Product: Extending DOCSYS Cable Network Band

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Xtend

Job type: Users Guide Online Help

Product: Call Routing

Sector: Voice Recognition

Client: Phonetic system

Job type: user guide online help

Product: Automatic refueling and vehicle identification

Sector: fleet management system

Client: Gasngo

Job type: user guide System Description

Product: Car Tracking Fleet Management

Sector: Telelocation Systems

Client: Nexus

Job type: Installation Guide Users’ guide System Description Training Kit

Product: NGN Gateways Softswitches

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: TdSOFT Vocaltec

Job type: Release Notes Online Help

Product: Cloud Computing

Sector: Information Technology

Client: Gigaspaces

Job type: Users’ Guide Localization

Product: IP Telephony

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Teldor Telecom

Job type: Users’ Guide, Quick Guide
Online Help

Product: Bio-Imaging System

Sector: Bio-technology

Client: DNR

Job type: Users’ Guide Tutorial

Product: VoIP Deployment and Testing

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Viola Networks

Job type: Technical Manual Users’ Guide

Product: Airborne Radar Simulators

Sector: Electronic Warfare

Client: Mikrokim

Job type: Datasheets Users’ Guide
Software Documentation API

Product: Microwave Modems 
Evaluation boards

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Provigent

Job type: Users’ Guide Localization

Product: PA Amplifiers

Sector: Consumer Electronics

Client: Telekol

Job type: Technical Manual
International Proposals and Bits 
Product Descriptions
Product: PBX and Smart Phones
Sector: Telecommunication
Client: Telrad Tenex

Job type: Business Plan Specification

Product: EDI Applications

Sector: E-commerce

Client: CTB

Job type: Proposals (RFI)

Product: Integrating and Managing Telecom Projects

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Netcom

Job type: Pocket Guides Training Kits

Product: Mobile Healthcare

Sector: Healthcare

Client: Card Guard

Job type: User Guide

Product: Ultrasound monitor

Sector: Healthcare

Client: Trig Medical

Job type: User's Guide Quick Guide

Product: Automatic lensmeter for ophthalmologists, optometrists

Sector: Medical Equipment

Client: Visionix

Job type: User guide Training kit

Product: Walking system for paraplegics

Sector: Medical Equipment

Client: Rewalk

Job type: User guide Quick guide

Product: Inflatable laparoscopic

Sector: Medical device

Client: LapSpace Medical

Job type: User Guide Maintenance Guide

Product: Ultrasound System

Sector: Medical Equipment

Client: Myrad Ultrasound Systems

Job type: Installation Guides User Guides

Product: Biometric Access Control

Sector: Biometrics

Client: BioGuard

Job type: Technical Manual Quick Guide

Product: Audio - Video

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: AVCOM

Job type: User interface localization
User Guide Authoring 

Product: Cellular phones

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Netphone

Job type: User Guides

Product: Meshed Wireless Networks

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: MaxTech

Job type: System Description Technical Guides Setup guides

Product: WiMAX Networks

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: WiNetworks

Job type: Component Maintenance Manual 

Product: Air-To-Air Heat Exchanger 

 Sector: Airborne components


Job type: User Guide CLI Guide

Product: Metro & Carrier Ethernet

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: FibroLAN

Job type: Localization

Product: IP Telephony

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Focus Telecom

Job type: Website localization

Product: IP Intercom

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Avalon Telecom

Job type: User Guide API

Product: Core Network

Sector: Telecommunication

Client: Ethos Networks

Job type: Setup Manual Installation Guide Maintenance Manual

Product: Warehousing Control System

Sector: Battery Switch Stations

Client: Better Place

Job type: Software Documents Test Documents

Product: Airborne Rotary Servo Actuator

Sector: Aeronautics

Client: MTC

Job type: User Guide Training Kit

Product: Robotic Assembly Machines

Sector: Robotics

Client: I-Scan

Job type: Business Presentations

Product: Safe City

Sector: System Integrator

Client: Mer Systems

Job type: Online Help Localization

Product: Air Release Valves

Sector: Valves

Client: Dorot

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