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The objective of technical writing


The objective of technical writing is to transfer knowhow from the vender to the customer and the user.

In general this is done either by textual information like quick guides, user guides or technical manuals or via training sessions

Technical manuals are important marketing tools to demonstrate the features of a system and to assist the user to set up, operate or repair a device or a system. Well written instructions in the manual improve operations and customers are more likely to buy the product.  Textual instructs generally are accompanied by illustrations to overcome language barriers and understand information presented. Manuals are provided as prided books or online e-books.

Training sessions support more formal flow of information and enables on hand practice. Training can be provided in class rooms or over the internet as e-learn sessions. Some prefer the blended approach when some of the information is provide in class rooms with hands-on practice and parts of the information is provide over the internet. Regulators may require proof of training prior to clearance or type acceptance.

Manuals and training sessions combined provide the best afford to transfer knowhow to the user and increase customer satisfaction.

Combined approach enables to transfer knowhow at a tight budget and to meet deadlines.

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