White papers


Interactive multi-platform documents deliver more information than static PDF documents and can be accessed via mobile devices anytime and anywhere.


The advantages of interactive documents are:



Visuals to overcome language barriers

Video instructions embed directly into your manuals

Access to information on-demand (pull not push) anytime and anywhere

Interactive content to stimulate user or trainee attention

Integrating feedback

Global access

Fewer support calls

User satisfaction


Follow the following steps to convert static documents into interactive engaging training sessions:



Edit the contents of your document to meet micro-training practices

Write the storyboard for each session.

Prepare visuals to be embedded

Add user activities to stimulate users

Plan review questions and quizzes

Convert contents to HTLM5

Set up a steering committee prior to publication to review the sessions

Rewrite your sessions

Test your sessions

To publish you have to load up your training sessions to a cloud service or to your website or a dedicated training portal for global access.